Current Releases

The fall allocation is currently available to previous purchasers. View allocation here. Featured wines are the 2021 High Canyon Series (Viognier, Grenache, Syrah) and 2021 The Barbarous Heart (GSM). Beginning October 2, remaining quantities will be available to all list members.

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The ‘High Canyon’ Series:

The High Canyon Block is a special section on the south side of Red Mountain exclusive to LIMINAL. These single variety examples are the essence of small block, single varietal wines.

The ‘Block Highlight’ Series:

Every vintage, we work with Ryan Johnson to select blocks and produce wine from multiple sections of the vineyard. When we find something exceptionally compelling, with a unique expression, we feature it as its own wine under this category.

The ‘Vineyard’ Series:

These wines are designed to demonstrate how blocks from all aspects and varieties in the vineyard can be combined to show a complexity and harmony of different aspects of the site, while still expressing the overall character of the vineyard.