This is LIMINAL.

Though we are always, by definition, at the precise intersection of past and future, from a distance we can offer a more meaningful context; we can perceive a nexus: a game-changing moment where the future is laid out—the possible—as a rethinking and refining of the past.


The liminal space can be physical too: the natural manifestation of a metaphysical concept. The long, winding ribbon that runs along the top of Red Mountain where WeatherEye is located is such a place, such a threshold. To the south and west lies Red Mountain’s past, the first vineyards planted nearly 50 years ago. One of the smallest AVAs, Red Mountain is home to some of the state’s most renowned wineries and highly rated wines. Sandy soils, gusty winds, low rainfall, a southwest-facing slope, and extreme temperature variation all contribute to the creation of age-worthy wines of intense color, balance, and richness.

From the well-established vineyards of past, blustery winds rush up through the High Canyon and whistle over the ridge to the north. Lacking a wine history, the northern side is a rural expanse of wild scrub brush, yarrow, and sage, overlooking the large farms and small ranges that punctuate the valley. Tightly spaced vines, many trained on poles, cling to the vertiginous slope of inhospitable rocky soils. Here, the morning sun bathes the vines while the hillside provides some protection from the punishing afternoon heat; the wind is still present, but with less momentum than to the south and west.


Amidst these harsh conditions, a new expression of Washington emerges. This is the future as conceived by Cam Myhrvold and Ryan Johnson, a future in which we are inspired to participate. But, as this mental picture illustrates, there is no forging the future, without first understanding the past. Together, Ryan and Chris have over 40 years involvement in Washington wine and a passion to serve as stewards for its future. Cam and Marty, too, have a long history of seeing possible futures and striving to attain them.


The usually lighter-hued Grenache is dark ruby in color and compellingly structured. The Syrah, a midnight ink, pulses with purple fruits, floral elements, wild game. The depth and complexity, the concentrated structural force, buoyed by a freshening acidity, are all notably present in the most impressive quantity. In short, the wines are DIFFERENT—reflecting the next level efforts of Cam and Ryan. Their passion and precision drive this project from its roots. Literally.


At LIMINAL, our over-arching goal is to reflect the effort, passion, and work that was put into this special place, in the wines; to translate the vineyard and all its qualities, into the glass. If the story is one of complexity, our goal remains simple: a dedication to using fruit from the most exciting and ambitious vineyard in Washington to create wines that shine on the world stage.

Winemakers have shown that Washington can produce world-class wines. This is a chance to ask ourselves – what’s the new frontier for Washington wine? It’s exciting to think this project can be a step in that direction.
-Chris Peterson