Praise for LIMINAL's First Release

Oct 15, 2020

"These are not only the most impressive inaugural releases I have had from any winery in Washington to date. They are some of the very best wines I have ever tasted from the state..."

-Sean Sullivan, Washington Wine Report & Wine Enthusiast

When we began this project, originally named Red Mountain Elevated, now known as LIMINAL, we knew the wines would be good. We knew that the combination of careful site selection, the meticulous vineyard study and management, and experimentation in the winery would lead to compelling and noteworthy wines.

Since the start, we have eagerly anticipated the day when others could try the wines. Now as we near the public release, some of the first reviews from the critics are out and we are beyond thrilled with the feedback.

Sean Sullivan of Washington Wine Report and Wine Enthusiast recently wrote about WeatherEye Vineyard and his review of the first LIMINAL wines. While we'll have to wait a bit longer for his scores, we are humbled by his words. Read Sean's article here.

“…one of the best wines I’ve ever had.”

– Sean Sullivan, in reference to the 2018 High Canyon Syrah

It is our privilege to share these wines with our allocation members, to whom we are incredibly grateful. You invested in wines that you hadn’t even tasted. Thank you. Soon, you may choose to open a bottle and make your own critique, but for now, we hope that Sean's review validates your investment.