Introducing, LIMINAL Winery.

Aug 13, 2019

Red Mountain Elevated project announces LIMINAL, the first winery focused solely on the acclaimed AVA’s most unique vineyard, WeatherEye.

Hello Friends,

Today, we are excited to reveal the name and packaging design for our Red Mountain Elevated project. Introducing LIMINAL.

As from the beginning of Avennia back in 2010, we had the pleasure of working with Joe Chauncey, principal at boxwood to create our brand designs and graphic look and feel. Sitting down with Joe is always a pleasure as he has a tremendous collaborative style that makes the creative process so much fun.

When the Avennia team asked Boxwood to develop a new brand they were embarking on a grand experiment. Together with their vineyard partners, they were seeking answers to the questions, ‘What if? Why not?’ Answers that may lie in the ‘liminal’ space between the past and the future - a sensory threshold where they can simultaneously reflect on what they have learned and open their minds to new possibilities with greater clarity of thought and purpose,” said Chauncey. “It is at this liminal point where the wine brand was born allowing the winery and the vineyard to become one – where they can share goals, explore new ways to express ‘place’ and reach beyond their collective grasp.”

The Red Mountain Elevated website has been relaunched to reflect the new LIMINAL name and design elements, with associated social media sites updated as well (no need to re-follow those accounts). Please note, our new email address is hello@liminalwine.com. Don't miss any important news - make sure to add the new email address to your whitelist.

As of this Spring, the LIMINAL production and operations has been relocated to its own dedicated space in Woodinville, not far from Avennia's production space in the area known as Artisan Hills in the Warehouse District.